Devotional Happy Thursday Images

Make this Thursday a divine day. Some people fast on Thursdays and make it a devotional Thursday. Here are some beautiful and devotional happy Thursday images for you to share with your friends and dear ones. Be grateful for this Thursday because there are special blessings attached to this day. Wish your dear friend a happy and a devotional Thursday with our Happy Thursday Wishes, Facebook Status ecards, Photos, listed here.

    A new day also means a new beginning. Forget about the past and have a fresh start.

    Thursdays are just wannabes. They wannabe Friday but they’re not!

    May the Lord bless you with good health, joy, and peace!

    I don’t like to talk much on working days because the grudges on my mind are enough. Whoever talks too much with me, I feel like strangling him to death. Lolz, that’s how I hate missing the weekend days. Good morning!

    Last night I wish I could kiss you before I sleep but unfortunately, I failed. This morning, I must compensate you for not taking my responsibility. So this morning, I am sending you a special hug to brighten up your day.

    You are the architect of your life; you only need God to guide you through so try your best and leave the rest for Lord to decide. Good morning!

    Smile and let the brightness of this blessed thursday shine on your face all through the day. On this devotional Thursday, send your spiritual thoughts to your dear ones to brighten up your day. Send our beautiful collection of devotional happy Thursday Images, Whatsapp Status pictures, Wishes Quotes Wallpapers to your dear ones and wish them that may the Lord bless all happiness this day.

    Smile and let the brightness of this blessed day shine on your face all through the day. Take the right measure to impress your boss, who knows whether you may be promoted just by been kind to everyone around you?

    Do things that make you feel alive because today is Thursday. Spend time with people who would give up anything to be with you.

    Sometimes, you just have to say what you want or do what your mind tells you without minding the consequences. Live every day of your life and give no room for regrets as you do.

    Be grateful for every Thursday you experienced or will encounter because there are special blessings attached to them. Be patient and enjoy the blessings. Happy Thursday dear.

    Build up a great attitude because great things attract positive things. Live life every day because no day is assured. Spread love every moment because you can't tell what the next second holds.

    Here is a great Thursday to make beautiful plans for the weekend coming ahead. Clear your works diligently because we don't want to spill over tasks into the weekend.

    While the weekend is a jump away, note that every single day comes with its responsibility to nature and human. Handle that responsibility and have a gracious Thursday morning.

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